ADM, Models Ship & Yacht design, is a company specialized in the design, construction, transformation and restoration of naval and architectural models of all kinds and scale of construction, capable of satisfying any request.

Over the years, ADM - Models ship & Yacht design has created well over 16,000 ship models of all kinds and scales, since 1988, with an experience and knowledge of the subject, which has grown and been updated over time

We have gone from the manual cutting of wood in 1988 to 2023 where the most modern technologies are used, such as for example the two-dimensional laser, the photoengraving of metals, the printing of polyurethane resins, the three-dimensional numerical control with material removal with a 3 and 5 cutter axes, the most innovative latest generation 3-D printing techniques with deposit of material or in resin with the stereolithography technique.

Three-dimensional and two-dimensional graphics programs for the faithful reproduction of the most complex naval liveries, plotters for UV printing and cutting of vinyl materials.

These techniques for creating details or particularly complex components make it possible, in real time, to verify the correct construction of the products and to be able to intervene with changes in almost real time, to make our models as faithful as possible to the real boat.

The works created in the last 35 years of experience in the sector are exhibited in many naval museums around the world including Barcelona, Rotterdam, Houston, and at the headquarters of the most prestigious shipping companies, both in Europe and in the USA, at various Coast Guards, and some models were also built for major shipyards including the giant Fincantieri Spa.

Explanation of the production cycle, technique and materials used.

Dimensions of the models that can be made, from 1 cm to over 6 m indicative average, from 1:5 scale to 1:5000 scale

Recommended scale 1:100 / 1:150 for Institutional Models for presentations, fairs, social headquarters, museums.

Recommended scale 1:250 / 500 for institutional gifts for , Authorities , Godmothers , Commander , T.O.

Recommended scale 1:600 / 2000 for promotional for travel agencies, large-scale promotion.

The hulls and internal load-bearing structures are made with CNC-processed polyurethane – 3D print or other material deemed suitable also in relation to the scale and function that the model will have over time

The superstructure The bridges and the main profiles, the two-dimensional details, are made of brass, pvc, plexiglass.

The workings on these materials are performed with the technique of chemical photoengraving, CNC and laser cutting and 3D printing

The details and some areas of the model are also made with the use of ABS or other plastic material, directly with a 3D printer, in order to guarantee the exact transition from design to realization.

The high heat resistance painting is done by spraying, according to the Ral colors as indicated by the customer or obtained from samples, the glossy or satin finish depending on the choice.

All this, skilfully assembled, worked and finished, creates the final result of perfectly scaled models, where every re-proposed detail must have the right meaning from reality to reproduction, without breaking that harmony, which every model, regardless of the scale of realization, must have and transmit to the observer.

All models are supplied with a support base, spacer feet from the base, a descriptive plate and display case. You can choose the material, shape and size according to your use.

Everything is always packed appropriately for the shipment to which the model will be subjected, from simple cardboard packaging to more complex crates designed to protect the contents from the stress of transport.


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